To gain a place in Year 7 at the start of the academic year students need to have taken the 11+ examinations. The same tests are set by each of the selective schools in Torbay and are scheduled at the same time – so the scores achieved can be shared between schools when necessary.

To take the tests you have to complete the registration form and submit it to the school of your choice. You can do this online or by post.

We’d recommend that your child takes the exams at the school you expect to be your first choice. This isn’t essential, but it makes sense for your child to start getting some experience of the building and the staff.

You only register to take the tests with one school – you’re not applying for a place at this stage.

Catch-up dates

If your child is unable to take the tests on the above dates due to illness, or another significant and acceptable reason, they will be offered a chance to take them on the catch up test dates. This option is also available to families that are travelling a significant distance for the examinations that might require overnight accommodation. You’ll need to discuss any such arrangement with the school as soon as possible.

“Everyone is supportive and I’ve made lots of friends who care about me. Also, Student Services is good because the staff are really nice and supportive” – Year 7 Student

Special arrangements

Some children need special access arrangements such as enlarged papers, extra time, or special rooming requirements. Please discuss these with the school as soon as possible to allow these provisions to be made, and before the registration deadline. We may ask for information to verify the request.

The tests

You’ll find plenty of information about the tests themselves and how they’re marked in our 11+ information guide.

Our Admissions policy explains how the 11+ scores are handled and our criteria for admission.

You can also take a look at the CEM tests familiarisation booklet which tells you what you need to know about this test, and gives you some sample questions.

Our One Stop Guide section answers other questions you may have about the exams themselves and the application process.

What happens next?

The school will send you a guidance letter – posted this year on 15 October – which indicates, on the basis of your child’s performance in the exams, whether an application to a selective school is recommended.

This letter won’t provide details of the scores, or provide a ranking, but simply indicates whether your child is likely to receive a place at a selective school. It is not an offer of a place, and it cannot guarantee a place, because applications haven’t been made at that stage so the numbers requesting admission to a particular school aren’t known.

Taking this information into account, you must then complete the Common Application Form for the Local Authority by 31 October 2019 (you can do this online). You will need to list three schools you would like your child to attend, in order of preference.

The Local Authority will advise you which school your child has been allocated on National Allocation Day, 2 March 2020.

Admission Documents