Philosophy & Ethics

Head of Department: Mrs S Moss

Other members of staff: Mr M Beckett, Mrs Sadler-Smith 

Entry Requirements

English – Grade 5

Examination Board: OCR

Introduction/General Advice and Requirements

Is this the right subject for me?

It will appeal to those of you who have an enthusiasm for thinking and debating some of the biggest questions that face human beings, for example:-

  • Why does the universe exist?
  • Where do right and wrong come from?
  • Is there a God?
  • What is the mind?
  • Is there life after death?
  • Am I free to make my own decisions?

I am still not sure ………………

Thinking for yourself and realising there are often more questions than answers can be bothexciting and alarming, but if you want to develop an inquiring mind and challenge basic assumptions we make about life and human living then studying Philosophy and Ethics could be for you.

The Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said – “You have your way. I have my way. As for the rightway, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist”

Course Content & Assessment

  • All universities recognise the value of Philosophy and Ethics A level and know that students studying this subject think openly and clearly, construct rational arguments and write good essays!
  • The skills you learn studying Philosophy are often cross-curricular and consequently this A level complements many subject areas including Science, other Social Sciences like Psychology or Sociology and Humanities.
  • Ethical issues are always in the news – the ethics of warfare, cloning, and the right to die are some current examples. This subject explores the issues behind the tabloid headlines and encourages you to become an informed and thinking member of society.
  • For Philosophy you will study topics such as The Nature of Diety; Life after Death; Arguments for the existence of God. For Ethics you will study topics such as Free Will and Determinism; The Conscience; Sexual Ethics.

How is it assessed?

A2 Level – You will study 2 modules (1 Philosophy & 1 Ethics) and sit 4 external exams at the end of A2. Internally, you will be assessed by essay for each of the different topics.


Most professions today require an ethical dimension to their practice e.g.: Medicine, Law, Social Work, Journalism/The Media, Business and Finance, Teaching. You will gain an insight into the different professional issues before you arrive for your interview!

A Level Independent Learning