About Devon DJ

2002 bought the birth of Rads Mobile Disco’s, orginally founded by myself Paul. The business all started with an 18th birthday party that i was asked to do for a friend, after much debate of hiring or purchasing and long looks over the costs i decided to purchase a basic kit, ashamed to say that its nothing to compared to today! Back then i started off with some cheap scanner moon effects, 100w PA system and Numark Twin CD Players with a Numark 1090 mixer – at the time it was great….


As the years progressed the business was steadly growing to which i was then able to invest back in to the business and purchase new and improved equipment. As the days, weeks, months past the business continued to grow on reccomendations and word of mouth.


And here i am now…….pleased to say from the growing success, i took a deep breath and went ahead and changed the name of the Business to Devon DJ. The name was changed due to the amount of work that was requiring travelling around the UK and on the odd occasion across the seas!


Result of the name change to Devon DJ – new improved business look with a fresh clean image that people keep on coming back to continuously book with us.


As time goes by please do come back and visit us here at Devon DJ for updates.